Notices to Competitors

Notice to Competitors No. 1

The NOR for the Sovereign Series has been amended as follows:-

  • The time of the Warning Signal for the Melbourne to Hobart Westcoaster has been changed from 1055hrs to 1155 hrs. (Clause 1.3)
  • Section 3 (Divisions and Handicap Categories) has been amended to include a PHS Handicap Category in the Double Handed Division under defined circumstances and to clarify the circumstances where the Race Committee may cancel Handicap Categories where there are fewer than 5 entries.      
  • Clause 10.2 has been amended extend the permit use of stored power to include the operation and adjustment of sails.
  • Other miscellaneous changes, removing redundant text and potential ambiguity.

Leave at Home document:

pdf 2018 M2HW Leave at Home document (68 KB)

Sked Sheet:

pdf 2018 Hobart Radio Sked Sheet (55 KB)