Short handed sailing - Fun, simplicity and a sense of achievement


“Simplicity and most fun with sailing in a long time.”  Ken Read

“You learn a lot about yourself and gain a real sense of achievement” Annette Hesselmans

There’s something about short handed sailing that’s providing some excitement, even for those that have been sailing for years.

Fellow ORCV Member Annette Hesselmans says “You learn a lot about yourself and gain a real sense of achievement”. Annette has sailed for years and in 2018 completed, with her partner Gerry Snijders, the 5500nm, 2018 Melbourne to Osaka double handed yacht race. You have to learn everything about your boat, equipment and take responsibility for all that happens on board and pushes you often outside your comfort zone.  "The best thing is that you can just be yourself, there's no one to judge you and an amazing camaraderie when you reach the finishing line."

Ken Read, President of North Sails and America’s Cup Commentator has sailed it all but it’s the double handed sailing in recent months, the simplicity of it that has invigorated his love and passion for sailing again. After sailing large boats with up to 11 or 14 crew, the simplicity of finding and having one crew member turn up on time is a bonus topped with getting ready to race with compliance, food and gear is simpler.

Ken goes onto to say “you're not pigeon-holed into one position and takes you back to your roots of sailing where you’re able to be everywhere on the boat.” The tweaking of your boat takes him back to his Etchell days where you work and figure out what works, what needs adjusting and how to set the boat up to minimise the number of sail changes.


The ORCV has for many years supported Short Handed Sailing both double handed and in more recent years 4+Autohelm in all of its races both on the Bay and on the Ocean.

On May 8th, the ORCV invites you to join the Carnival of Short Handed Sailing over a new course with longer legs. The race takes on the bay and is ideal for those that wish to try short handed sailing or looking to just have fun.   2021 brings a new course, with one lap of approximately 21nm around Port Phillip Bay, where each leg is approximately 5 - 7nm long, providing something for everyone who enters.  Entry can be made as Double Handed with and without spinnaker and also 4+Autohelm.

Entry is open to ORCV members and Non Members in the divisions of:  Double Handed (with and without spinnaker) and 4+Autohelm.  Enter here


Enter the race here 

Race Documents here 


Carnival of SHS

Monday, 22 May 2023 10:07

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