ORCV Melbourne Double Handed

First dibs.

Greg Clinnick from our Love Boat, Audacious, is the first entrant in the 2011 Double Handed Bay Race. You know, it was harmless fun until we put up the EOIs for the Long Distance races, now you look at every entry a second time. Are they on the list? Are they one of the not public but still known to us mobs or is this a preemptive strike from an dark horse???


"We have just entered Audacious for this year's ORCV Double Handed Race and was surprised that we're the first entry. We are looking to improve on our fifth place from last year and I have recruited a Two-Handed expert from Sydney. He used to drive from Ballina, which is near Byron Bay to Sydney every weekend, just to sail two-handed (No mean feat actually, as it would be 9-10 hours!!!) The aim is to improve our technique and results, I hope. Last year, we took as many kites as we could, so as to save repacking them each time. This time we will go with one kite only………………….", said Greg.


Now it is the perfect opportunity for potential M2O aspirants to start getting some training in. Yes. It's way, way, way shorter than the real thing, but you have to kick off somewhere! Perhaps that's why Jason Close's, White Noise is coming out to play? They are the second entry for this delightful ORCV Bay race.


Jason aboard his Beneteau First 35, White Noise.
(Mate - with all the ORCV gear on, this image is going to get an abasolute pasting - nice work, lad!)


Yes. You'd be thinking Burgraaf and Hibbert would be starters with their Remedy...

No. I am not saying anything... Really!

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Could be a very, very interesting
little field, this one. 

If you're around on Sunday May First,
you should get out there for
the scope.


Sunday, 01 May 2022 14:44

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