Ocean Pass for the West Offshore Products Coastal Sprint

If you do not have a current active Australian Sailing number, you will need an Ocean Pass in order to participate in an ORCV race.  The Ocean Pass ($60) will issue you with a temporary Australian Sailing number and insurance and will cover you for the duration of that race and delivery home.   In addition to the Ocean Pass, you will receive an invoice for crew fees of $60.00 via your skipper.

You may find it's beneficial to join the ORCV as a member as membership starts at $125.00 and will then cover you on all races until 30th September each year.  Joining is easy here   As we've just started sailing, joining as a member has huge benefits to you over buying an ocean pass!

If you decide to continue with the Ocean Pass please, click on this link.  Please ensure you select the date of the race