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The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria


About the ORCV


The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria (ORCV), was formed as the Cruising Yacht Club of Victoria by a group of yachtsmen in 1949 and renamed in 1972. The ORCV was incorporated in 1986.



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The objectives of the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria are to:
  • Develop and expand the sport of ocean racing.
  • Be the expert body which coordinates and controls all major ocean racing events that are run within or emanate from the State of Victoria.
  • Be an efficient administrator of the sport of ocean racing and a centre of knowledge about ocean racing. The ORCV is equipped and willing to comment publicly regarding ocean racing matters.
  • Pursue policies that ensure Ocean Racing is an exciting, but intrinsically safe and carefully regulated sport, which does not impose a cost burden on the general community.
The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria is a member club of Yachting Victoria, with affiliations to Yachting Australia and the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).
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