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Melbourne to Vanuatu (M2V)
Ocean Race of 1885 nautical miles
Race Start is off Portsea Pier at Slack Water, Port Phillip Heads.
Held every four years from 2006, this is Australia's longest Category One race and starts on the first Sunday in July. It was conceived as an idyllic way to escape the Southern Winter and often attracts a strong two-handed division of racers. The race always has a Humanitarian Aid component attached to it and there is a container with medical, school and apparel supplies that accompanies the fleet to Vila. Please see the Notice of Race on this website for the specific starting time.

2014 Vanuatu Launch- Full House!

The  Vanuatu Race and Rally Launch was well attended at Royal Brighton Yacht Club last night. More than 80 people came to hear members of the ORCV recount their experiences of previous races and the importance of preparation for next year's event.

Neville Rose, Vice-Commodore, welcomed everyone and announced the Inaugural Rally to be run in conjunction with the race and which is open to both mono and multihulls. Recounting his experiences of the 2006 race aboard Helsal II, Neville said the race offered navigational challenges but best of all the weather improved every day from leaving Port Phillip Heads.
Robin Hewitt offered his insights into weather patterns in the region around the time of the year the race will be conducted and useful tips on weather maps, indexes and analyses that are worthwhile researching before and during the event.
David James addressed the issues of safety, preparation, crew training, maintenance (“every piece of equipment has a finite life!”) and health and morale.
George Shaw spoke of the “Rites of Passage”, Ship’s registration, Boat insurance, valid passport and Letters of authority required for persons “flying-in and sailing-out’ and “sailing-in and flying-out” of Vanuatu.
Paul Pascoe , International Juror, encouraged everyone to carefully read their Notices of Race and /or Rally as this is the ”contract’ or terms and conditions under which they must comply on entering the event.
Ray Shaw alerted people to the important dates surrounding the Race and Rally, especially the Long Distance Seminars and training activities tailored for these events. These dates can be found on the Vanuatu link on the website.

Rear Commodore Neville Rose, speaks to Tom Evans and Stephen Fahey- planning to make the journey aboard Stephen's boat Cartouche
David James presenting aspects of Safety
 David Richardson and Graeme Arthur from White Noise have their names down to accompany Jason to Vanuatu
David Taylor is looking for a ride (call the office) and Robyn Brooke will be joining Geroge Shaw on The Secretary

Keep an eye on the website for further updates.

2014 Vanuatu Race and Rally

Not too late to register for the Launch

We have had a fantastic response to the Vanuatu Race and Rally Launch tomorrow evening (Thursday 8th August 2013) at RBYC commencing at 7.30pm. So if you haven’t registered to come along, there is still time! REGISTER HERE.

Welcome to webpage for Melbourne to Vanuatu Events

The 2014 Melbourne to Vanuatu race will start on 29/6/2014. Having experienced a few cold winter moments lately, it's time to express your interest to head north for some warmth!

In conjunction with the 2014 Melbourne to Vanuatu Ocean Race, the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria (ORCV) will be conducting the Melbourne to Vanuatu Rally for suitably seaworthy cruising vessels, both monohulls and multihulls.
With a starting window centred around Sunday June 29th 2014, here's your chance to sail to the South Pacific in company with like-minded cruisers and with the support of an experienced offshore event organiser.
Preliminary documents for the race and rally will be available shortly- so keep an eye on the website and facebook. 



Oasis, as seen during the 2010 Boxing Day Dash.







ORCV Melbourne to Vanuatu (M2V on 06/07/14)

Race Week.

There are many of these the world over. We have just had the Caulfield Cup and the Cox Plate, so as we go into Melbourne Cup Week and our very own, ORCV 2010 M2S, here's a few snaps from the 2010 M2V and their particular take on Race Week.


These are the little Piccininis doing their bit for Fashions on the Field.


How the Ni-Vas see the concept.


The concept we may be a ll a little more familiar with...


The winner, Angus Fletcher of TevakeII and it is Tracy Kamens with him. Tracy works for Bayer who donated $500 towards the Vanuatu project. Thank you, thank you and thank you...

I also received a little bit of added info and apparently, "Tracy's looking good, even in her 'Mother Hubbard' dress bought especially for the occasion of the Vanuatu Cup. Tracy sailed with the boys on Tevake II and rumour has it, that she's the first girl allowed onboard one of Mr Fletcher's boats!!! However, post-race he was singing her praises in Port Vila, publicly announcing that '... she steered better than all of them." A big thank you to 'Source', for the intel...

Now before we go, and given that there is a strong female bias to this piece, it is important to note that the third EOI for the 2014 M2V is none other than our very own Tanya Stanford, pictured below and she drives Nouannie.



I know she'll approve of this one much more - her crew from her boat Nouannie - and yes they did do well at the 2010 AWKR at RMYS - not just for the yachting equivalent - Fashions on the Water! Well done girls.

So you've had a read of the articles about the 2010 M2V. Perhaps you've heard the stories from those who went in 2006? Been at the recent Long Distance Seminars even? Well. All we can say, is start preparing! 2014 M2V is on the way to you - ready or not!

Go HERE to register your interest in this sensational race.

Go HERE to see who has already expressed their desire to participate.


Please see all the back catalogue of articles on this wonderful event, HERE.

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