2013 Melbourne to Osaka (from 17/3/13)

THE Truth.

Delightedly, The Truth can be said.

The first Expression of Interest from a USA based competitor has been received and most graciously, they've also allowed us to see a bit behind the scenes, as to who they are they and what they're bringing, which is a very well-pedigreed Open 50.

Truth is the name of the vessel and she sails under the number, USA 101. Alex Mehran, Jr. is her Skipper and he sails with Merf Owen. Alex had this to say about their desire to be a part of the M2O. "We are planning on participating in this epic race in 2013 and are very excited to have the chance to challenge ourselves and the boat on the long and interesting course. Merf is the boat’s designer (Owen Clarke Design) and he will be my partner in the race, sailing on a boat that he designed almost ten years ago. Neither the boat, nor either of us has participated in this race before. We know the boat provides the perfect platform and we hope we can follow suit with our performance!"


Truth heads out to Catalina Island after the start of the 2011 Transpac - pic © Sharon Green

Truth is on its third life after two very notable ones. Alex explains, "She started her existence as Artforms, commissioned in 2003 and sailed by Kip Stone. Kip had many notable performances, including a TJV win with the boat. Merf was sailing with Kip for this. She was sold to Philippe Kahn of Pegasus Racing in 2007 and went through many modifications, which optimised her for the Transpac racecourse and provided a significant turbocharging package generally. The Pegasus team had numerous successes with the boat, including both the Doublehanded Transpac and Doublehanded Pacific Cup records and a 24-hour run record. Kahn donated the boat to California Maritime in March of 2011 and I chartered it shortly thereafter."

Truth2011Transpac2 Truth2011Transpac3 Truth2011Cutlass Truth2011Solo

Left - Truth finishing the 2011 Transpac in the Molokai Channel - pics © Sharon Green. Centre right  is Merf and Alex on board Cutlass in the Runup to the Bermuda 1-2, June 2009 - pic by Billy Black. On the right, it is Alex at the finish of the Bermuda 1-2 Single Handed Leg off Mills Breaker Buoy, Bermuda.

"I renamed the boat Truth and entered her in some local short distance races, before sailing the 2011 Doublehanded Transpac with Jesse Rowse, earlier on in July. I plan on sailing the Solo Tranpac in June of 2012, on the way to Australia. Prior to the Open 50, I gained my first ocean racing experience in 2009 and 2010 with the Class 40, Cutlass, which we sailed in the Pineapple Cup, RORC 600, Bermuda 1-2, Ida Lewis Distance Race, Marblehead Halifax, Bermuda Race along with other races", Alex said.

"We are very excited at the prospect of competing in the race and meeting new friends in the Southern Hemisphere."

Right. So there's The Truth and we are very delighted to welcome you and excited to see you on these shores, soon enough. Thanks Alex for the information and may you have a great and safe journey to get here for the epic!


Above is the vessel as she was in the Artforms days and below, as Pegasus Racing...


PS. If you're one of the 45 EOIs already held for the 2013 Melbourne to Osaka race, or perhaps just one of the many silent parties, and feel like getting a little love from the site, please send us some information to post. We'd be delighted!


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