ORCV Melbourne to Vanuatu (M2V)

Mice choose comfort over speed!

Samskara's mice have chosen to play a little, as they bring the good ship 'Bouncy Castle' back West. They've raided the cellar and appear to be having a wow of a time...

"We have now been back at sea for 40 hours and the new guard, guided by the principles of the Royal Walsall Yacht Squadron (RWYS), has determined that it is appropriate to provide a report on our position, the wellbeing of our new crew members and other information."


Samskara's position on Tuesday 27/07/10 at approx 1000hrs AEST.

"Our position was 019 12.910S, 162 05.773E. This places us just west of the Grand Passage in the North of New Caledonia and on our way to a network of reefs, with Chesterfield Reef being our target. If the weather is kind, we plan to stop at the reef, but at this stage it is looking unlikely."

"Originally, we were meant to be racing Turbo and Tevake 2 back to Mackay, but at this stage, we are bringing up the rear, having left some days after them. Now rather than concentrating on boat speed and crew discomfort, which inevitably go together, we have elected to settle the boat down and enjoy some of the finer things in life, such as a comfortable ride, 03 Semillion and Devil's Lair Chardonnay."

"If we keep up this rampaging speed (approx 9knts or 16.7km/h), we will get to Mackay, via the Capricorn Passage on Saturday. Before we mention our new crew, we would like to pay tribute to the crew that left us on Vanuatu and to say how SORRY we are, that they missed our final night on the fair island of Efate. We engaged in some of our traditional farewell activities, such as no-pants pool, Kiwi baiting and hand launching of large fireworks, which was a particular favourite with the local children."

"By now we imagine that Nick will be splashed all over the Melbourne tabloids, Jessie will be recovering from his role of cabin boy (remembering that he has to finish the course of anti-biotics prescribed to him), The Ship's Cat will be well on the way to making her first literary millions and Leon will be rebuilding his verandah."

"The new crew are settling into life aboard well. Given that three out of four of them had been sharing a room, only a little larger than beer carton, before our voyage, our fearless leader elected to put them all on the same watch with him as their Watch Captain. He should be congratulated for showing such foresight. They really are close. It is a joy to watch them all tethered together, going up to the bow to check the nav lights are working or going to the gas locker together to turn the gas on."

"It seems that Linda Lovelash is the powerhouse of this triangle of support and civility, whilst Slaggers is the artistic one, taking photos, tasting wine (Moet for breafkast, Darling) and cooking the best steak baguettes, ever known to man. Cammy Chameleon is the third corner. He is the quiet brooding type, who keeps his cards to his masculine chest and frankly has us all rather excited!"

"Commander Davies of RWYS has been assigned Rick, James and Twisty - the latter is our final new recruit and on the 2nd Watch. Twisty comes from Perth and is a clone of the last cabin boy. He even wears the  same outfits, which helps with role identification. Luckily, we are in the early stages of the voyage, as he still has alot to learn. An example of this is that on occasions, his wild and reckless driving has lead to large waves breaking over the deck and soaking the crew. He needs to understand that this isn't the way the cabin boy makes the crew wet!"

"James is having a well earned rest from his incredible and regular physical exploits on the Iririki Island of Love and false phone accounts. The splint that Linda made to help with his recovery, is working a treat. Rick's burns, scalds and pneumonia are much better, for those of you who may be concerned. Having had time to reflect on our exploits in Vanuatu, we believe we are returning home with some lessons, which we will carry for the rest of our lives. One such lesson is the simple egalitarian way that the people of Vanuatu have elected to establish levels of importance in the community. We have learnt that the pecking order in each Village is as follows;"

  • The Chief
  • All other males
  • Pigs
  • Women with no teeth
  • All other women

"Given the intellectual vault we have aboard our ship and the proximity to an election at home, we have established a Julia style peoples' forum and together with our new perspective, we will be discussing subjects such as;"

  • Should Julia get her teeth knocked out to increase her chances of election? (There may well be a few who'd happily do it for you, mice) and
  • Should we give pigs the vote in Australia?
"The 'Mice at play' quorum now have important business to discuss so please standby for the next update which will be at 2700hrs RWYST, tomorrow."
Hhhhmmmm. It's all very interesting and not entirely accurate (2700hrs????). What have those mice been up to and what have they found in the cupboards???


On Monday, Samskara's mice were here. We had better keep a close eye on their progress, to ensure they get to the right place.

We're bound to hear more, eventually...


By John Curnow






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