ORCV Melbourne to Vanuatu (M2V)

Insider trading.

Back in Having a Blast and then Crewmember Competition, we posed the question, was Rex the SatCom dome on the 51st Project, more useful that 'He of the loud shorts', Smithy (Graeme Smith). The other part of the question was whether Rex was in fact better looking than Smithy, as well.


Thank you to everyone. We received some great responses, including this one from The Girl, Lorraine Steers. Unfortunately, it smacks of insider trading, so it was excluded immediately, but it gets the honourable mention prize, none the less. What's that? I hear you say. Well, it's two Heemskirk Consolidated stubbie holders, which will go down a treat in their house for holding the cans of black.

Here's the Girl's response to the competition, "Smithy! On both counts. He is definitely more useful; he makes my coffee each morning; holds my hair back when I throw up and many other things that I can't mention, as this is a family show and needs to be PG rated."

"Smithy is definitely more handsome, even with his wimpy beard, as he's seen with, in this pic. I think he is the most handsome man I have ever seen, bearing in mind, that I have just been horse trekking through Mongolia, whilst he has been sailing to Vanuatu and this may effect my judgment. Cheers. The Girl."

The Winner. Well, he kept it clean and made us laugh and all the while showed true nautical and risk minimisation principles. "It would come down to what would be needed the most in a crisis situation. I'm sure Smithy's shorts could be used as a distress beacon or even a flare and I dont think we want to see Smithy without his shorts, so he wins!!! Tom Doherty."

As our winner, Tom Doherty will receive two spots on the start boat for their choice of either Le Coq de la Baie or M2L/M2HE/M2HW this Xmas time.

Competition winners - please contact Sally or Tanya in the office to redeem your prizes.


Many, many thanks to our friends aboard the 51st Project for inspiring the competition and providing the imagery.


Here's a close-up of poor old Rex.


More of something, soon enough...



By John Curnow






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