ORCV Melbourne to Vanuatu (M2V)

Tropical Cat.

Kim McKee, Samskara's now Tropical Cat, has checked in with a story and pics. Let's check it out...

"We have finally arrived in the Tropical paradise of Vanuatu."


Samskara's Crew - Left to Right are Jesse, Rick, James, Nick, Capt Stoopy, Mike and our Ship's Cat, Kim McKee.

"After a loooooong slow day with very little breeze Huey (wind god) dropped out the 0.00 knots as we drifted over the finish line doing 0.01 knot - (thank the current/tide god for us finishing on the right side of the harbour leads) at 22.10 on Thursday night! Grrrrr - frustrating to say the least. Most importantly though we did make it and were all VERY happy to tie up alongside our fellow competitors (Tevake, Turbo and 51st Project) about 11pm Thursday night."

"The obvious happened.......... bottles and cans were cracked and the stories got bigger and better and both cans and stories flowed until the wee hours of the morning. This cat hit the rack at about 1.00am and awoke to stories of roosters being purchased from the markets and planted on various boats. Crew forgot where they were and went in search of Souvlaki and kebabs rah rah rah. All in all it was the usual post race lies, fun and frivolity."


The fellow competitors are parked and awaiting the whole gang. A jubilant Angus Fletcher keen for more...

"Customs, Quarantine and Immigration did their thing (in their own island time of course) and we were free to get amongst it in Vanuatu on the Friday. Most of the crew then checked into Irriki Resort and had our first sleep in a real bed for a few weeks - very pleasant indeed!"

"Thanks to all those who have tuned into the cats tales and I am glad to hear most of you have enjoyed them. The Vanuatu Races are on today and given my winning gambling form, we are going to hit them with gusto! Frocked up, feeling good and signing off for one last time on behalf of all the Samskara Crew."

Over and Out! - The Ships Cat.


When I saw this I thought the Tropical Cat would be happy...


Then I saw this and knew this would much more fit her style and requirements...

PS: "I have just been informed by the crew that there is no prize for winning the closest ETA. Ripped off or what?! Apparently there is just a loser (the one who was furthest out), which is Captain Stoopman, who now has to write 'KNOB' in slippery nipples on the bar for the crew to then enjoy. OK. That's sounding a lot better!"


Our Cat obviously like the little Citroen 2CV. Aircooled, maybe that's why? Perhaps it is because it's small and just perfect for curling up in, away from all the crowd?


More soon... (but you knew that, too).

Please remember, that if you want to find out where everyone is in the chase for the container of humanitarian aid that APC Logistics sent to Vanuatu for us, then please go HERE. Sked times are 4.30am and pm EST.



By John Curnow






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