ORCV Melbourne to Vanuatu (M2V)

Morning (No) Glory.

The morning of their thirteenth day at sea probably was a glorious and colourful affair, but it has revealed no glory in their progress overnight. It would seem that Garisenda will make it Port Vila very late tonight and Slinky Malinky around lunch tomorrow. The light, variable and shifty breezes that have plagued them are going to give way to the Trades again, so we can hope that their VMG's will not look as disastrous as their overnight courses do wayward.

VMG stands for Velocity Made Good and it refers to the actual speed in the desired direction, directly towards the proposed desitination and well, yesterday we showed Slinky's dog-leg and today, it is Garisenda's turn. The price you pay, in order to keep moving...


Grarisenda in the darker gold and Slinky Malinky in the brighter yellow, who I trust have enough way to get through these difficult little stretches, as there are currents in the area to be considered...

ORCV Rear Commodore, Simon Dryden, piped in this morning with "Looking at the wind models, the two remaining boats final day and night are just going to get better and better, so I am expecting a finish sooner than our Tracker is predicting. Note, however, that it will be shorts and plenty of sunscreen." All right then, let's do the Warner Wolf.


Saturday AM in the area and there are plenty of 10knot Southerlies, with the odd appearance of a 15...


Saturday PM and the SE Trades are kicking in now - it's virtually all 15knots for them.


Sunday AM and there's even the appearance of some 20's.


Sunday PM and once again it is as Captain Cook described back then.


I created this grab to show that they are still a way off Vila, even in a straight line, which they can do, when the SE Trades return. The other thing I hope they have plenty of is food and water to complete this last stretch.


AC/DC - it's a long way... Probably playing it to death through the speakers lately. This is the whole journey, effectively two weeks long and won't the drinks that their fellow competitors will flood them with when they arrive taste good!!!

TEVAKE II (H101) M2V10 L/H N/A Finished Wed 12:58:56 241:28:56
TURBO (H602) M2V10 L/H N/A Finished Thu 12:11:33 264:41:33
51ST PROJECT (SM51) M2V10 L/H N/A Finished Thu 14:25:50 266:55:50
SAMSKARA (H6110) M2V10 L/H N/A Finished Thu 22:10:11 274:40:11
THE SECRETARY (6107) M2V10 L/H N/A Finished Thu 23:48:59 276:18:59
GARISENDA (H624) M2V10 L/H N/A 94.3% Sat 22:32:55est. 323:02:55est.
SLINKY MALINKY (H777) M2V10 L/H N/A 90.2% Sun 13:09:03est. 337:39:03est.

In short, as of Saturday morning, Garisenda has 107.5nm and Slinky 185nm left to travel, as the crow flies, however... Now if you're doing three knots, like Slinky was this morning, it is still 61.5hours left to run. Food for thought!

Perhaps Kim McKee should get the book back out and have a punt. Perhaps too, it might just provide for a glorious finish or the Dark Horse and the Seamanship Poster crew.

More soon... (but you knew that, too).

Please remember, that if you want to find out where everyone is in the chase for the container of humanitarian aid that APC Logistics sent to Vanuatu for us, then please go HERE. Sked times are 4.30am and pm EST.



By John Curnow and Simon Dryden






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