ORCV Melbourne to Vanuatu (M2V)

Impinging on drinking time.

Samskara finished at 22:10:11 AEST on Thursday night. There was very little wind near the finish and the suspicion, at the time, was that it some while yet before The Secretary would make it in. The Secretary finally finished at 23:48:59 AEST.

Accordingly, that means that there are just the two out there still. Garisenda and Slinky Malinky. Both vessels should make it in on Friday, but we will know more, once the 0430sked has been completed.

Ah yes. Well. Now that the Friday 0430sked is done... We did say in get me to the cup in time, that it was going to get idyllic for sitting on a beach, but not so quick for yacht racing. Alas, this has eventuated, with it now likely that Garisenda will be Saturday morning and Slinky Malinky late on Saturday afternoon. Doing 2-3kniots will cause that, which is exactly the case for these two. Doh. Doh. Doh.... At least the scenery that they are passing sooooo slowly will be pretty.


Just the two little dots to look at now. The big dog-leg is not going to help VMG at all and the slow pace from soft breezes. Where they are, the models were saying 5-10knots (if you're lucky and closer up to Efate) E to ENE. Slow work indeed...

TURBO (H602) M2V10 IRC 1.0470 Finished Thu 12:11:33 277:07:59
TEVAKE II (H101) M2V10 IRC 1.1860 Finished Wed 12:58:56 286:23:52
THE SECRETARY (6107) M2V10 IRC 1.0900 Finished Thu 23:48:59 301:11:06

IRC is as it has been for a while and the real mention has to be The Secretary. Two-handed, no auto-pilot and a broken Skipper, yet they still did it... Cheers on that.

Also of note is the great effort of Turbo to take it out. David Judge, the HBYC Commodore, said of it all, "Fantastic effort by Bill and his crew, which includes the Ian Robertson, HBYC Handicapper and 2010 HBYC Clubperson of the Year, along with the new Rear Commodore, Ryan Blackstock. Our AGM is actually tonight and Ryan is the only nomination for the position so will be elected. Of course he will be in Vanuatu celebrating!" Now that's what I call an LDM!!!

"Turbo has done some serious offshore miles and this is a great reward for the effort put in. Bill was talking of retiring from sailing offshore but this might change his mind!" Yes. Well David, you may just be right about that...

TURBO (H602) M2V10 PHS 0.8800 Finished Thu 12:11:33 232:55:46
THE SECRETARY (6107) M2V10 PHS 0.9050 Finished Thu 23:48:59 250:03:59
TEVAKE II (H101) M2V10 PHS 1.0500 Finished Wed 12:58:56 253:33:23

This significantly longer, extra time required to get to the finish line means the provisional result for PHS now excludes the Dark Horse, Garisenda. Sorry team. We backed you all the way, however!


Almost forgot - Drinking time looks a bit like this (it's the sun that's keeping my eyes closed - really) - from 2006M2V


And you can find spots like this to have a drink at too...


Or get on with the activities...


Even take in the culture.


Garisenda will get there soon.


Slinky Malinky will be last, at this time. Pic © Teri Dodds.

More soon...

Please remember, that if you want to find out where everyone is in the chase for the container of humanitarian aid that APC Logistics sent to Vanuatu for us, then please go HERE. Sked times are 4.30am and pm EST.



By John Curnow and Simon Dryden






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