• Login into the URL https://portal.bluewatertracks.com/signin
  • Use the same email address that is in you TopYacht account
  • Click on forgot password. DO NOT CLICK ON CREATE AN ACCOUNTBlueWaterForgotpassword
  • The system will then send you a link to change your password
  • Follow the prompts and then login
  • As a skipper you could be logged in as a crew member or as a boat owner
  • The three little dots on the top right will enable you to change from a crew member to a boat owner
  • On the Boats home page you can         
    • Edit your boats Bio
    • Add crew to your crew pool
    • Add crew to a race
    • Review your handicaps
  • So first step is to have a look who is in your crew pool
  • Use the + to add new crew
  • Once you have added the new crew you need to add them to the race
    • Click on Races
    • Tick the box next to the race you are competing in
    • Click the edit pencil on the top right
    • Use the plus button to add crew
    • You cannot add crew to a race if the are not in your crew pool
    • If you need to delete a crew member tick the box next to their name and click on the Trash bin