Weather and East Coast Lows

Do you understand the weather forecasts ? This weekend's East Coast Low is hard to miss, see for details.

Attached are images captured on Friday by Robin sourced from the BOM, predicting this East Coast Low. Note the Synoptic chart, 500Hpa Temperature and Humidity forecast.  Robin notes the combination of high humidity and very low temperature at 500Hpa together with the troughs funnelling air.

More from Robin H: East coast lows generally have very cold upper level areas fed with moist humid air from tropical areas. The high centred further south than usual at this time of the year is feeding the very cold air over NSW and then the trough feeding moist warm air in is a classical recipe for trouble. Thus inspection of temperature at the 500 mb level and then relative humidity to confirm the ingredients for trouble is a simple procedure for a do-it-yourselfer.



Low3 Low2

Today the ORCV Weather course kicked off, run by ORCV's Weather expert Robin Hewitt.


Robin watches the weather in all our major races, particularly the Osaka keeping an eye out for weather events such as this.