2014 Vanuatu Humanitarian Aid Effort - Escapade’s escapades in the New Hebrides.

Following the 2014 Melbourne to Vanuatu race, Robert Bradley and his crew aboard Escapade engaged in a program of distributing educational materials and some medical aid.
“After we loaded up in Port Vila there was 800kg of educational related supplies on board including reading books, exercise books, pens, pencils, marker pens, chalk, erasers, scissors and sharpeners plus one fibreglass canoe and 4 sails.

Suffice to say Escapade was loaded to the gunnels - certainly not her usual racing trim!

We distributed it to 4 secondary schools, 8 primary schools, 3 Kindergartens, 1 public library and 2 youth groups as follows -
o Port Vila Scout group (canoe), Efate Island
o Havannah Harbour Primary, Efate Island (via proxy in the form of Trybooking.com)
o Nguna Island Kindergarten
o Emae Island Secondary school
o South West Bay Primary and Secondary Schools, Malakula Is.
o Torres Islands Primary Schools x 2
o Vao Is. Primary School
o Loone Primary School, Ambae Island
o Port Olry Secondary School, Santo Island
o Lonkar Primary School, Santo Island
o Tasiriki Primary School, Santo Island
o White Beach Primary School, Tutuba Island
o Palikuloa Bay Primary School, Santo Island
o South West University Library, Luganville, Santo Island
o Northern Councils Youth Centre (Sails)

Donating sails to the Luganville Youth Council
Distributing goods at Port Olry
Port Olry - School with a view!
Robert at White Beach Primary with a box of crayons for donation
Everyone loves a football!