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ORCV Safety at Sea - from March 2009 onwards

PoM - Notice to Mariners

Port Phillip Heads Low Light and

Point Lonsdale Light - Realignment of Sectors.

The Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoM) have issued the following Victorian Notice to Mariners, regarding the Realignment of Sectors on the Low Light at Shortland Bluff, Queenscliff for transiting Port Phillip Heads and the realignment of Sectors on the Point Lonsdale Light.

This aerial view may help you get an idea of why it is critical to be in the correct sector as given to you by Point Lonsdale Light when making you approach through The Rip at Port Phillip Heads. Point Lonsdale Signal Station (Lonsdale VTS) on Ch12 VHF is the correct way to reach them.

Number: 028(P)/09

Description: Port Phillip / Queenscliff - Shortland Bluff, Low Light - realignment of Sectors.

The realiginment is effective the 2 March 2009. Mariners are advised to exercise cauton and not rely on the accuracy of the new sectors until further notice confirming the validation of the Sectors has been promulgated.

Shortland Bluff Low Light Document


Port Phillip Heads Lead Lights on Shortland Bluff, Queenscliff - "4 Fingers West" by Neville Rose

Number: 031(P)/09

Description: Point Lonsdale Light - Change of Characteristics, Green Sector established and realignment of existing Sectors

The realiginment is effective 4 March, 2009. Mariners are advised to exercise caution and not to rely on the accuracy of the new sectors until a further notice confirming validation of the Sectors has been promulgated.

Point Lonsdale Light Document

These and other Port of Melbourne Victorian Notices to Mariners can be downloaded from: http://www.portofmelbourne.com/shipping/notices/mariners09.asp


By Neville Rose and John Curnow


ORCV_IconLR Alt_Port_Phillip_Bay_Aerial