At the recent Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, we launched the new PLB from Ocean Signals. Finally the PLB is small enough to be mounted inside your lifejacket … secured to the bladder … and be there if you need it.
Up until now, PLBs have been small, but still too large to install inside your PFD. Now when your PFD inflates, the PLB can be there ready for you to activate. The RescueMe is approximately 2/3 the size of the smallest previously available, and has a 7 year battery life.


… so, if you have been to the safety session with Helly Hansen and need a PLB to go with that new wet weather gear, are offering the RescueMe PLB for $346 including free shipping … that’s $53 less than RRP and is only available till the end of Sep … just enter the code, ‘ORCV’ on check out.
See the product details here