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ORCV Safety and Training.

Muchas Gracias.

Love your work, team.

Stemming from last weekend's Safety and Sea Survival Course, are the testimonials that appear below. Many thanks to not only these particular souls, but also to the ones who have gone before and not necessarily published. These may be for SSSC, The Ripper Tour, the Weather Course, Shore Crew or just plain old racing. No matter what they're for, The Committee, Staff and zillions of Volunteers say, 'muchas gracias', tou all of you indeed...


Part of the gang from the fourth and last SSSC events for 2011.

And so, to the first testimonial, which is from Peter Cosman.

 I have just completed the ORCV SSSC course amd I wanted to extend a very sincere thank you and well-done to all of the
dedicated ORCV volunteers that contributed to the course delivery.

 I felt that the course content had been very well developed. The experience and valued advice that the course volunteers
provided ensures that the syllabus delivery is always practical, real and lively.

 Thank you again and best wishes to the ORCV for a very successful and engaging Summer of sailing!

 Kind regards

 Peter Cosman


Gordon Buchan, who spends a bit of time on the boat we know as BBB (Gusto)

 Just a quick note to say thank you to you and the instructors and support team that delivered the SSSC on the weekend.
Not sure why I put it off for so long. Hugely worthwhile!!!

 Equipment, rooms, food, pool ... everything just worked and I personally know just how hard it is to make it look easy - so congratulations! 


Kathy Macfarlane is another who just completed the SSSC, but as yet, does not have a ride South at Xmas, which she's keen to do. See her details after her testimonial, in order to contact her.

 Please pass on my thanks to all the ORCV team for the course; I found it really useful... I would even say essential,
for anyone intending on ocean sailng.

I realise the huge effort involved on behalf of the volunteers, so again, thanks for a really well-run event.

A brief history of her sailing experience:

  • I'm best described as a converted dinghy sailor from a family of sailors;
  • Discovered keelboat sailing again and decided that was a better idea than the Laser for my disused stomach muscles...
  • Have been sailing 3-4 times a week since January; anything forward of the mainsheet, mainly Bay sailing, but also a return delivery on Scarlet Runner from Port Lincoln earlier this year, Port Fairy, Airlie Beach, Hamilton Island and Stanley on various boats
  • Have done the RYA Day Skipper course and the SSSC this weekend
  • I have my own gear, including PLB.

So, if you have the boat and need the crew, then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Kathy now.


Commodore, Don Fraser, instructing....

So a big thank you to all the people over the last five or so years who have made the time to call, SMS or email in their appreciation for all the events that the ORCV runs. Your efforts are also very much appreciated by the very people you wanted to reach with your praise - Cheers!


Now that you're all qualified, you can go and enter the Heemskirk Eastcoaster HERE

or the 40th Westcoaster, HERE and also,

The oldest ocean race in the land, Launceston is available, HERE


and before you get to the Portsea Pier start line, there's the UK-Halsey Boxing Day Dash, HERE.

ORCV Land also extends on to the ORCV Facebook page, so make sure you go and "Like" the page, now. 268 Souls already have and thank you to all of them.


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