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ORCV Safety and Training

September First Aid Course.


Mercifully, there are not too many times when it all goes a little sideways and you don't need some urgent help. Fingers, abdominal issues, eyes, concussion and split skin seem to be perennial favourites. Wouldn't you like to be in a position to help?

I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time sailing with doctors and nurses around, so fortunately, I cannot speak from direct knowledge on this one, but I would think having more than one great first-aider in the crew would be very cool, indeed. (Cat2 requires one soul per crew to be qualified. Cat1 is two. (- and one one was a race horse, Basil Brush.) You know, the more I think about it, the more I realise how fortunate I was to be blessed with such great fellow crewmembers!!! (And many thanks to you friends - the likes of Doc, Fee, etc...).

It used to be a two-day course, but the Apply First Aid with a Yachting Focus course, conducted by the ORCV and Benchmarque, offers a distinct set of advantages over other courses in the marketplace. Not the least of which is you get to do a day's homework at your pace, before showing up to Melbourne High School, which are the images below. You'll need to get no less than 45 out of 50 for the Written Assessment in the Pre-Course Workbook and then be assessed as Competent for the Practical Skills Assessment, which occurs throughout the designated classroom day. You'll be then qualified as the one of two per crew required for Cat1 or one for Cat2.

Applying First Aid with a Yachting Focus is on Sunday, September 25. The course costs $190 or 220 per person, depending on your status with the ORCV and the CPR update is just $80 or $90, also conducted on September 25.

Like a lot of ORCV Training, this course is not just for the blue water specilaist. Bay sailors, cruisers and family adventures can all benefit from someone onboard having the required skills. Anyway, you should do this course for yourself, your friends and your family. Of course (boom, boom) it won't do you any harm, in terms of keeping your spot in the crew or making yourself even more indispensable, as a result!

Go HERE now to read the outline and more importantly, get the form!!!




The Infant, Child and Adult CPR mannequins.


Receiving instruction on Treating Spinal Injuries - four person log roll.


Go HERE to read the whole overview and outline of the Apply First Aid course.

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