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ORCV Safety and Training

September SSSC.


The next Safety and Sea Survival Course (SSSC) is on Septmeber 17 and 18, 2011, at the Melbourne High School Gymnasium Complex, in South Yarra.

It costs $275 if you're a member or $320 if you're not. This course, because of the time of year, is always over-subscribed as people get set for Christmas time. As the Melbourne to Hobart Westcoaster will celebrate its 40th birthday this year, things will only intensify. Cat2 races require 50% of the crew to be current SSSC holders, amongst other things of course, and the ORCV has long recommended that all souls onboard should hold this invaluable item. If you're looking to help ensure you have a spot on a boat this Xmas, doing this course will definitely help your chances.


Rear Commodore, Neville Rose, presenting at the SSSC, with former Commodore, Noel May, assisting with 'The Price Is Right' model duties.

The ORCV's ultra-famous Safety and Sea Survival Course has proven to be very popular with shore crew looking to see how their loved ones are prepared for their seaborne adventures. Afterwards, they have commented on how they now understand the safety requirements of offshore sailing and the search and rescue process that will be deployed in the event of an emergency. They're not the only ones, either. Cruisers and Bay sailors are thinking to themselves that this is just plain smart and arriving in greater numbers to each course.

If you're wondering why there is no Update/Revalidation course anymore, then the article HERE will be able to answer that.

The first positions have already been taken by those on the waiting list and class sizes are limited and the waiting list always soaks up quite a few of the spots, so if you would like to participate, then jump right in.


Vice-Commodore, Simon Dryden, supervising water drills.

Course particulars:

  • Held all day of Saturday and Sunday, September 17 and 18, 2011 at the South Yarra Sports Centre (Melbourne High School) from 0815 to 1715hrs, on both days.
  • MUST get a completed and paid for enrollment to the office by Wednesday, August 31!!!!!!!!

N.B. We ask that you please read and comprehend the course outline and then complete the enrollment form,

which is linked off the bottom of the said course outline. Go HERE to start that process.


Follow it all here and via the ORCV Facebook page, so make sure you go and "Like" the page, now. 144 Souls already have and thank you to all of them.



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