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500 = a win!


I don't play cards, but I do know there's a game called 500 and I'd think it's a fair bet that getting 500 points has something to do with it. Our 500 Winner from the recent Weather Course was Marnie Irving, who walked away with the 12 month Pro Subscription to PredictWind, which was the door prize.


PredictWind Founder, Jon Bilger. Thank you for making the effort to appear at the Weather Course. Cheers.

"Last Saturday night, my head was full of Ken Batt's voice spinning with Coriolis Force deflected to the left and cyclone avoidance strategies, with another 150 pages of weather knowledge to take on board. Then on Sunday afternoon, it was full of excitement that even if I got something wrong, it could all be fixed by checking out Jon Bilger's PredictWind website. Thank you to Jon for donating such a generous and practical prize", Marnie said of her win. "My husband Lou and I are thrilled to be the lucky winners and also received a number of extremely envious texts from friends, some of whom had been at the Weather Course and others who had not", Marnie added.

Indeed the course was very well received with 23 attending for the first day, 25 there on the Sunday and 17 attending both days. A very delighted Chairman of the Training Committee, ORCV Rear Commodore, Neville Rose, said "It's things like the weather course which highlight the strengths of the ORCV:

"All of the above go into the mix that enables the ORCV, a not-for-profit leader in ocean sailing training, to offer a unique course to the yachting community at phenomenal prices, which is not available anywhere else in the world. Kenn's passion for weather hasn't changed. Jon Bilger and Sam Roberts were a great additions to the panel, and they were very much appreciated and well received", Nifty finished with.


Kenn Batt is a marvellous presenter and really knows his topic.


A contestant for the 'He of the Loud Shorts' title?


He was an integral part of the EF two-boat campaign when they won the Volvo. He is Sam Roberts of e-sea marine.



More soon - as usual....


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