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First Aid for June 5, 2011.


Applying First Aid with a Yachting Focus is on this Sunday, June 5. You can still be a part of it and either keep your spot in your crew or make yourself even more indispensable, as a result!

The thing is, there's not too many times when it all goes a little sideways and you don't need some urgent help. Fingers, abdominal issues, eyes, concussion and split skin seem to be perennial favourites. Wouldn't you like to be in a position to help? I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time sailing with doctors and nurses around, so fortunately, I cannot speak from direct knowledge on this one, but I would think having more than one great first-aider in the crew would be very cool, indeed. (Cat2 requires one soul per crew to be qualified. Cat1 is two. (- and one one was a horse, Basil Brush.)

So here's the deal. There are a couple of spots still available for both the CPR annual update and also the entire course. It costs $190 or 220 per person, depending on your status with the ORCV and the update is just $80 or $90.


Go HERE now to read the outline and more importantly, get the form!!!


You know, the more I think about it, the more I realise how lucky I was to be blessed with such great fellow crewmembers!!! (And many thanks to you, my friends). Anyway, do it for yourself, your friends and your family.



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