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ORCV Safety and Training

The Hoody.


Is a very popular piece of streetwear these days...

In terms of the SSSC, however, it is an important element that is highlighted specifically and for good reason, at that.


"One thing I learned from Brian McDermott during my SSSC, as he was giving a talk on his experiences drifting in the ocean, is that you always make sure your hood is not trapped under your life jacket. Otherwise, its pretty tricky to get it out when you are bobbing about in big seas and end up swallowing a lot of sea water", said Ian Lindsay from Team BO.

Chairman of Training and Rear Commodore, Neville 'Nifty' Rose said the following, by way of adding further weight to the point. "During the Wet Drill briefing, we focus on several aspects, including ensuring your hood is out. At the SSSC we also note the development of optional splash hoods for PFDs and demonstrate one as an example. Some new PFDs already include them, others offer them as an optional extra. These may become compulsory in future. Getting your hood out before you inflate your PFD is an important learning outcome of the SSSC."

Other members of The Brass just added, "We drum it into them."

Nifty finished by saying, "Dermie has been an invaluable guest speaker, who shares his experiences of the ordeal he endured and rescue by the MV Courier, which really drive home the information conveyed during the course." (Brian was not at the recent May SSSC, as he was away, but when he's around, he makes every effort to pass on his experiences first hand.)

The ORCV Committee is very delighted that he continues to be an important asset in the whole process, as well as a friendly person to be around. You can read a bit about him HEREHERE, HERE and HERE.


The Hoody!

Right Oh. Winter Series coming up, but before that, there's the First Aid Course on June 5 and in between the two is the Australian Women's Keelboat Regatta at the Squadron from June 11 to 13.


Loving it...


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