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Monday, 8 Oct 2018
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Sunday, 21 Oct 2018
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Saturday, 3 Nov 2018
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Saturday, 17 Nov 2018 - Sunday, 18 Nov 2018
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Sunday, 18 Nov 2018
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Wednesday, 26 Dec 2018
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Location: Station Pier

ORCV Safety and Training

Class Photo.


The class photo was always a big deal, but not for us here with the SSSC Class of May. We've got more than a few of them.

It was time to get wet on Sunday, so here are the pics associated with that. If you can see your face and we've not named you, send us line and we'll fix it up straight away...


Gloria Estefan - as in, Conga!


The half time huddle (not) - seriously, this procedure could really keep you ready for the last two quarters!


LRB - Hang on...


Help is on the way.


Once you've been helped in, it's your turn to go and right it! WooooHoooooo. Ian Lindsay from Team BO tells us that it's "Sparksy, Tony Sparks, who appears to have decided to have a little snooze at the side of the pool."


Right. Show 'em what you got!


Give it plenty, lad!!! Ian Lindsay also thinks this may be Sparksy as well...


Before the pool, there was some more instruction, so say hello, yes WAVE, to Vice Commodore, Simon Dryden, as he takes one of the classes through the section on waves.


Me thinkey John Weatherley is over the other side, second on the right. BP player that one - Quiet Achiever... racked up quite a few miles that fellow.

Right Oh. Winter Series coming up, but before that, there's the First Aid Course on June 5 and in between the two is the Australian Women's Keelboat Regatta at the Squadron from June 11 to 13.


Snap, snap, snap.


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