ORCV Safety and Training (Also, Apollo Bay (not))

Another Class Begins.


Two classes of the ever popular and always sold out ORCV Safety and Sea Survival Course begun this Saturday morning. Historically just racers did it, now shore crew, cruisers and Bay racers are getting involved, to ensure they know the best solutions, should it all go a little sideways on you.


One person who has a couple of friends doing this particular course is Sue Haliwell. She wrote to us after the recent Melbourne to Apollo Bay (not) race and it serves as a reminder of the many things that go into making an event safe, fun and rewarding for all. Also, the ferocity of the cells rolling across Port Phillip proved that you did not have to have gone and stuck your nose out in it (Bass Strait, that is), in order to be in some decent old weather. Poor old Fleeka also found out about that - and you can see that HERE.

Susan had this to say after the M2AB (not) race. "Thanks for a great event. I have to say a BIG thank you to the ORCV crew. Hosting such an event and then having to downscale it, due to the weather conditions, would have tested your risk assessment skills and how to get everyone who was entered, accurately informed of the continually renewed routes. Well done and thank goodness for modern technology and someone willing to knock on all the yachts hatches early Saturday morning."

"It was challenging, but an exhilarating event. A great forerunner for an ocean race and we crew now know we could handle being in the ocean, still joking and scoffing lollies, whilst changing and trimming sails and admiring our gorgeous green, narrow shouldered spinnaker. We did have a few injuries to ourselves, but only one broken tweeker block on the starboard side. Oh! And one of the zips on my drop pants....thank goodness for the backup Velcro. A big thank you from the crew to our truly skilled sailing master/helmsman Bretlyn Brown, helmsman/ tactician, Bill Westerbeek, mainsailtrimmer Dave Holter, grinder and office lady, Meg O'Shannessey, navigator/comms and grinder, Hayley Thomas, foredeckies Leeton Hulley and me, Sue (Susan) Halliwell. We also wish to thank Second to None's owner, Nola Walch, for allowing us the pleasure of sailing her boat.... Cheers me hearties!!"

Right Oh. Mission accomplished, I'd say... And thank you very much for your feedback, Sue. The Committee appreciates you making the time to do so.


This would be Leeton, as shot by Sue.

Look out - something will show up...


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