ORCV Safety and Training

SSSC for May, 2011.


There are a number of boats that go to sea with their crew all SSSC qualified souls, which is plainly very smart. You can bolster the number of SSSC qualified souls for your racing this season and next Xmas by doing the ORCV's ultra-famous Safety and Sea Survival Course. Now it is true that all who are planning to spend time on a boat in open water (yes, Cruisers too) will find this course stimulating and enlightening. However, it is not only of interest to sailors, but also helps shore crew to understand the safety requirements of offshore sailing and the search and rescue process in the event of an emergency.



The first positions have already been taken by those on the waiting list and class sizes are limited. So if you would like to participate, then jump right in.

N.B. We ask that you please read and comprehend the course outline and then complete the enrollment form,

which is linked off the bottom of the said course outline. Go HERE to start that process.


Go HERE to go directly to the online form to secure your place. (Yes!!! New online facility being tested for this course. Cool huh?!)



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