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New Yachting Australia Regulations.

New regs came in to effect on October 29, 2010 regarding EPIRBS, PFDs and PLBs.  Whilst the wearing of PFDs at night is no stranger to us, given Marine Safety Victoria's laws and effective immediately at that, the Brass thought it pertinent to remind shoppers for PLBs this Xmas that the expected battery life of a non-GPS EPIRB/PLB is over five years, by which time the new rules will be in force (from 01/07/2015). Food for thought as you put the plastic down...

At any rate, have a read - they're short - and be advised.

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Lots of PFDs inflated here (during the SSSC). Jordan Crowley from the new HCOTW, Gienah, is front and centre.


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