And then there were FIVE

You might remember that I quoted the old fortune telling Nursery Rhyme for Tuesday's Child - and the welcome break in the bleak weather. I chose not to mention the next line - ".. full of woe", as that day was expected to be - and proved to be champagne sailing.

However, "Thursday's Child has far to go" - and that proves to be the case for the racing yachts in the very light winds experienced today. As all yachties would know, too little wind is super frustrating. Smooth seas are enjoyable - but not when the sails will not fill.

Two yachts are in the cruising division ( The Secretary and Myuna III) and they are doing about 3 times the speed of the racing yachts (especially Alive and Jazz Player - since they have finished). One can only scorn the horrid intrusive motor noise they must be suffering as they (presumably) motor-sail.