Update from the retired GEOMATIC 6 July, 2014

Same Gig, Rig #2. Team Geomatic back in action.

The disappointment of being out of the race has been a bitter pill to swallow for team Geo....But apparently it's about the journey (thanks Jeremy Walton), and so after a few days of soul searching (and Rum) in Pittwater we are back on the move... bound for Vanuatu via the Gold Coast (Rally or any which way you can Division)!

After some issues bringing the rental van up to cat 1 spec we have are headed north.


Favourable winds have seen some impressive speeds (58 Knots) that will have Alive looking over their shoulder...


A "joke off" between Peter Young and Glen Scheen have kept crew spirits high.


"outside assistance" is not an issue in the Rally Division says Pete Young.

Next update, Gold Coast!


Team Geomatic.

Thanks for the update Paul Whybird