2014 Melbourne to Vanuatu Race - Weather Outlook Friday 4 July 2014

A further look at weather outlook from ORCV resident weather gurus Robin Hewitt and Andrew Roberts.  

The helmsmen/women had it tough in the strong following breezes for the first few days, now it's going to be challenging for navigators/tacticians on the light stuff ahead

 ACCESS 0400 Sunday 06Jul14


By late Friday South Easterlies in the race area North of 25⁰ South and East of 160⁰ East.

The Low in Tasman delivers a mixed bag depending on position with winds from South West to West in the South and in parts 20-30 knots, ranging to light and variable tending to Northern sectors further North.

 ACCESS 1600 Sunday 06Jul14


There have been some South Easterly  winds above 25⁰ South but they are not staying around long.  Some fresh Westerlies and lots of Northerly sector winds ahead.  The prognosis shows these Northerlies being drawn south by the Low and an associated trough extending north to Vanuatu.

One thing about being caught in light breezes are that it is better being on the nose to build apparent wind.  Just how the yachts are positioned in the coming days ahead is going to make big differences in their progress.  All hail to navigators, they will earn their keep!


By Robin Hewitt and Andrew Roberts.