2014 Melbourne to Vanuatu Race - GEOMATIC Report Day 3


Following from our upbeat update yesterday, today is a complete contrast... Blue skies, gentle breeze from the west, dolphins everywhere (see image from onboard below) and a very calm sea state

Geomatic 02-Jul-14

.... But unfortunately Geomatic and its fearless crew (who are all well) are limping into Sydney with a jury rig courtesy of a broken boom....race over. Just before 11.30pm last night Geo was running the angles downwind making good ground in over 40 knots breeze and a very messy sea state when she crash gybed.

Resultant damage was initially thought to be a blown Main Sheet and the rig against the spreaders however further inspection showed a broken boom and suspected rig damage. Skipper Adrian Lewis assessed the risks too great to push on with a jury rig for the remaining 1500 odd NM. A wise decision particularly as we were at the stepping off point from the main land.

Good news is that crew is all intact, a little tired after recovering the damage, but in good spirits. The emergency beer rations have been declared open and the jokes are flowing as we plan alternate routes to Vanuatu....possibly via a road trip to Queensland to inspect the skippers new 67ft purchase...So it is with great sadness we sign off from the race but very thankful of no crew injuries. Pete Young has just informed that he will potentially shed a layer down from 4.5 layers as we head north.

Good luck and fair winds to the remainder of the fleet, we are having a beer for you right now.