2014 Melbourne to Vanuatu - JAZZ PLAYER Report Day 3

Report in from Jazz Player this morning. Seems like they are settling down into a good routine after what has been a challenging first couple of days.




Almost 48 hrs into  the race and we have settled in the rhthym of this 2-handed offshore racing thing.

It has been a fast start! Our sail  choice of #3 and 1 reef served us well along the victorian coast and past the prom,which we rounded at 2100 on Monday. The breeze was steady at 25-35kts from 210mag.

We continued ENE until 1000 the following day when we gybed for Gabo, bearing 13 degrees and 90nm.

The wind increased back to a solid 30-35, with gusts beyond 40kts from the SW. Seas too were building and a little confused. Boat speed had been in the low-mid teens, surfing 20kts+

We put #2 reef in the main just on dusk and a good thing too and the wind was 35 gusting 45kts at  times.

Once past Gabo,the sea flattened which allowed some more easy sleep.

We've managed sleep and food well so far.

We're now 115nm offshore and have just gone back to #1 reef as the breeze has backed to 25-30 and now from SSW. 

The sun is out and its getting warmer!! :)