2014 Melbourne to Vanuatu - START DELAYED

Vanuatu statue-Start DelayedThe Start time for the 2014 Melbourne to Vanuatu Ocean Yacht Race has been delayed to 1000 hours on Monday 30 June, 2014 with the Rally Start time 5 minutes later at 1005.

This will not come to the surprise of anyone who has been monitoring Melbourne's weather this week.  With wild weather battering Victoria this week and more on the way, the ORCV Race Management Team has been monitoring weather developments very closely.  With another frontal system due to pass through on Sunday, the original scheduled start time of 0900 Sunday 29 June, 2014 is no longer feasible.  Fortunately the front due on Sunday will be little less intense than the front that came through on Tuesday which caused widespread damage and flooding. 

Skippers of all entrants were notified of delayed start this afternoon.  Changing a scheduled start time for a major blue water classic like the 1,885 nautical mile Melbourne to Vanuatu ocean yacht race involves notifying numerous authorities, including Port of Melbourne, Kordia (who perform Radio Position reporting schedules), AMSA, Coast Guard, ORCV Incident Management Team and the list goes on.

SailOnline.org have also been notified for anyone intending to participate in the Virtual race.

Other arrangements for competitors including Customs Clearance at Docklands at 0900 Saturday 28 June, 2014 and the send-off dinner/party at Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron on Saturday night remain unchanged.

Entrants at the northern end of Port Phillip Bay are likely to take advantage of a favourable y weather window on Saturday to head down the Bay to Blairgowrie after clearing Customs on Saturday morning.  

Our very good friends at Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron have also arranged to accommodate entrants in pens in their marina rather than rafting up in the designated visitor areas - thanks again BYS, your efforts are again very much appreciated!

An official Notice to Competitors will be issued in due course, including revised Pre-Race Sign on sched times etc.

With the weather forecast from Monday onwards, it looks like very fast running conditions will be enjoyed by the fleet.  The race record could be under threat.

ORCV Race Management.

Friday 27 June, 2014