Melbourne to the Portland Ocean Yacht Race

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The race to Portland this year revives one of the races from very early days of the ORCV's history. The 163 nm race is held on the Melbourne cup holiday weekend in November. The passage along Victoria's western coastline finishes in the delightful seaport of Portland with its recently completed floating marina. Deep water berthing (4m) is available at the Portland Marina and many excellent facilities nearby cater for arriving crews or visiting families. The race is a qualifier for the ORCV East and Westcoaster races to Hobart and the Sydney to Hobart run by the CYCA. It also forms part of the Offshore Championship. After this year, the race will alternate with the Stanley Race over the same weekend.

Looking Good for a holiday weekend Maybe on the nose for some! At this early stage the omens are positive for a fantastic long weekend with something for everyone. If you are  a fast windward boat, maybe one tack in a 10-15 SW  and even a touch of WSW, the faster you  are perhaps a little more pressure. If you are slower, possibly some tacking is more likely but compensated by slightly smoother seas. Fairly easy to make a game plan which suits the kind of boat involved, but then the tidal influences and the moon! Hmmmm! Indisputably, at this early stage, a glorious trip home. B [ ... ]