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 Container for Hobart

Racing to Hobart at Christmas and looking to send gear?


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ENTER NOW for Christmas racing.

Entries for the Eastcoast, Westcoast and Launceston Races close on 5th December 2012. So treat yourself to an early Christmas present and enter today! Avoid the late entry fees and get your preparation underway. Remember to register your crew early and with all their details so race merchandise can be arranged.


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Excitement Builds for Latitude Ocean Race

5 new crews will “stick their noses” out into Bass Strait for the first time in Saturday’s Latitude Ocean Race.

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Vale Ron White

The ORCV is saddened to hear of the passing of Life Member, Ron White.


Robin Hewitt recalls: "Ron was a loyal supporter of ORCV and a consistent entrant in ocean races including M2HW in his first Shenandoah in 1977 and 83, then in Shenandoah II in 85 & 86 followed by the 25th Westcoaster in 1996. Best remembered is his consistent wins in the winter series final races in those days to Hastings, Westernport.

Ron had been on the pilot launch in Westernport and had been a keen student of Westernport conditions. In spite of other competitors complaining, Ron's Shenandoah II was favoured by the tide occurrence at the finish: the fact was Ron always won whether tide was flood or ebb! Ron freely gave of his knowledge as to how he read conditions, but I doubt many were able to comprehend and put into practice. Recognising the skills and knowledge of ocean racing as compared to Bay events, Ron wanted to set up the White Family Shenandoah II Trophy to emphasize those attributes. I was Commodore at the time and worked with him as to the format and trophy. The award is arguably the most prestigious and well received each year. The loss of Ron's expertise in the ways of the sea will deprive many of reaching his level but will encourage continual learning by ocean sailors.”

The ORCV Ocean Racer of the Year Perpetual Trophy was presented by Ron White and Family, of Shenandoah II fame, for the first time in 2002.



Ron was a wonderful clubman for ORCV and his contribution will endure. Our condolences to the White Family.

This link is to a great article on Sandringham Yacht Club website that has has more insights on Ron’s sailing talents.







Congratulations - AMSA National Search and Rescue Award. 

Grant Dunoon and his crew from - Ross Fisher, Peter Fecht and Kim Walker were last night awarded an Australian Martime Safety Authority National Search and Rescue Award for their bravery in rescuing the crew from Inception in the 2012 Port Fairy Race.  The AMSA SAR Awards recognise Extraorinary Australians for the contributions to search and rescue.

In describing their efforts, their nomination read, “The outstanding seamanship displayed in bringing the yacht alongside the survivors in 6m to 10m seas, and with selfless acts of strength and bravery, they successfully managed to recover the survivors from the water at great personal risk”.

In presenting the award, Victorian Emergency Services Commissioner Michael Hallowes praised the men for their selfless actions in rescuing fellow sailors. “These men epitomise the great Australian sense of mateship, coming to the aid of others in the time of dire need. The consummate seamanship displayed not only in finding these men, but recovering them to a place of safety in treacherous conditions demonstrates the greatest care and concern for others.”

Click on the following links for more information, including Press Coverage in The Age and AMSA Media Release.

This lastest award is in addition to the following accolades the crew have received for their outstanding seamanship, bravery and self-sacrifice they displayed in the rescuing the crew from Incpetion:


2012M2PF_TrybookingarrivingPF 2012M2PF_crewofTrybooking with the Inception crew aboard as they arrive in Port Fairy. crew: Peter Fecht, Ross Fisher, Grant Dunoon and Kim Walker, shortly after they arrive at Port Fairy.