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Marine Safety Victoria have announced the forthcoming roll-out of a VHF Marine Repeater Network for the Victorian coast.

See attached..  Bass Strait Repeaters  Bass Strait Repeaters


The rumour is true, Melbourne to Hobart via the East coast !

100th Anniversary of the Rudder Cup and the Hobart fleet to combine in a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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The Heemskirk Consolidated Melbourne to Hobart Yacht Race is 480 nautical miles of tough grind down the often treacherous west coast of Tasmania.

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The 5.05 sched this morning heralded the closing stages in this closely sailed Heemskirk Consolidated Melbourne to Hobart race. 

As Hobart awakens this morning they will be pleased in the knowledge that Sally Rattle’s Archaumbault 35 Archie continue to tussle for the lead in this extraordinarily competitive race. 

Matt Hannafords No Fearr has called from the first of two final reporting positions, Cape Queen Elizabeth, 25 miles from Hobart, they appear to have made this report whilst still slightly south of the Cape.  They advised an ETA for Hobart of 9.25 this morning.

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