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2008-09 Latitude Series - Competitor Support Program 

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Online Race Entries are Now Available for the Stanley and remaining 2008/09 summer series events.


Click here or the new "ONLINE ENTRY" menu item above to access Online Race Entries.


If you have any queries in relation to using the Online Race Entry, please contact the office.


The Online Race Entry, provided by Top Yacht, includes a new Crew Builder feature that enables ORCV members to also provide their Crew details for ocean races online.


The ORCV IT Sub Committee would like to thank Rod McCubbin and his Top Yacht team for there efforts in customising their software to cater for our requirements.


The Stanley Notice of Race (NOR) is published. Entry for this race will be via our new online entry system.

Click on the Racing menu then Stanley or Click here to view the NOR double sided printing or Click here for single sided printing.

Click here or the new "ONLINE ENTRY" menu item above to access Online Race Entries.


A great video of the Quantam TP52 gybing at speed. Note how when gybing the kite is accross before the main and how important it is to have someone on the vang. Click here




The Australian weather bureau have introduced a new website designed for marine users. The site has all the traditional forecasts and maps that you have used plus some great  new features. The first is the Wind Forecast for Marine Areas which is computer generated wind maps. The second is BLUElink Ocean Forecast Regions which hase sea surface temperatures and ocean currents. You can click on the red links above or click here for the site home page and add it to your favourites