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The boats in the Stanley race have picked speed since the 5 o'clock schedule and the leader Georgia is only 2 miles in front of Shogun with Shamrock a further 3miles back. I expect the first boat to finish by 2am.


The rest of the fleet are not far behind so it is defiantly going to be a small boat race. The conditions in Stanley are almost wind free so the leaders might have a tough time finishing at that time of the morning.


As the conditions have been slow I have decided to have another position report at 4am on Sunday morning. Please click here to have a look at the 10 o'clock position report on the tracker

The Stanley race fleet had a bash down the bay and all 34 yachts confirmed as starters. My phone then rang at 4.10am, it was Phil from Magic, who advised that he thought his boat and the Stanley race were never to be, his alternator was not working so he regretfully had to retire from the race, for the second year running.


The rest of the fleet had a clean start at 5 o'clock this morning. The wind at the start was west-southwest at 20 knots. The wind is forecast to move to the south east at 10 15 knots and strengthening to 20 - 25 knots this afternoon. So it will be hard on the wind all the way to Stanley. Next position update will be at 10 30 am

The Stanley fleet is making good progress in a 17 knot south-easterly. The fleet is been led by Georgia followed by Shogun, Shamrock and Goldfinger . There seems to be multiple options, on which strategy is right as the fleet is separated east to west by 20 miles, so the tacticians and skippers will come under harsh questioning if they have gone the wrong way.

Slinky Malinky has retired and is heading back to Port Philip.

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The Tracker has been updated with the 1pm sked. The next update will be at 5pm. Click here to see the leader board

The Stanley race competitors are slowly making there way towards the finish in a south to south-easterly wind of 15knots. As Guy and I wait for the yachts in Stanley it has been a wonderfully sunny day with a light easterly wind. The locals have put on a wonderful welcome party for the yachts the only shame is there are no yachts.


The leading yacht Georgia has still got 86 miles to run so should be in at 4am Sunday morning they are followed by Shogun, Extasea, Shamrock, Goldfinger, Ocean Skins and Ninety Seven. Ingenue has a 110 miles to go so I think the small boat are looking good for handicap honours.


The latest withdrawal is Pretty Woman with 2 crew member suffering seasickness. The next sked is at 10 o'clock tonight. Click here to follow the boats on the yacht tracker