“Doug Prosser has generously agreed to assist with the logistics for a container to Hobart but we need to move quickly.
•The estimated cost delivered to Hobart is $3000 ( firm quote still pending) so we are looking for 10 boats at approximately $300 each.

•The container order will need to be confirmed and paid for on Friday 30 November 2012

.•Loading will occur at Doug’s Altona warehouse on 15 December 2012 for shipment on Tuesday 18 December 2012 (goods can be left earlier)

.•Collection is still being finalised but is expected to be from one of the clubs at Sandy Bay.

If you wish to participate, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. asap and not later than 12 noon, 29 November 2012 with authority to deduct $300 from your account with the club. These will be no charge in the event of insufficient numbers but the payment is otherwise not refundable.  Ie once you are in, you are in. “