Stakes between the Double-Handed entrants in the Westcoast race are being raised, with 2013 Osaka Cup entrants, Cadibarra 8 , Turbulence and Samurai Jack joining the race. Samurai Jack with Michael Lazzarini and Ryan Donaldson are looking forward to competing as a shakedown for Osaka next year. Nat Morgan and the crew aboard Hot August Night from Derwent Sailing Squadron are back again this year chasing the silverware.

Hot Augsut Night Christmas under kite in the Derwent

Steven Carey aboard Déjà Vu had great success at Launceston in 2011 and this year has entered the Eastcoast fleet. Carrera owned by David Croke and Amanda Malin will make her debut down the Eastcoast after successfully completing the Stanley race. They have had the boat since April and are enjoying the offshore experience. Escapade, Extasea and xlr8 are also heading this way.


 Steve Carey and the Deja Vu crew at Presentation at Launceston last year.

Ingenue with new owners Leanne and Tom Doherty were first off the mark to enter the Launceston race. They have been joined by Bundaberg, Celeste, Gusto, Ninety-Seven and NoFearr.

New owners Leanne and Tom Doherty will race Ingenue to Launceston