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ORCV Latitude Series


This series of three events is designed to get skippers and crews out into the ocean for the first time.  Event 1 is about night sailing and watch keeping. In event 2 vessels go out the Heads to a designated "line" of latitude, which is specific to each boat and the prevailing weather conditions. They then return back through the Heads to the finish at Portsea Pier. Event 3 is a a relaxed return back to home ports to complete a weekend away onboard.

1. Overnight Challenge

An event of a navigational and tactical nature within the confines of Port Phillip of EXACTLY 22 hours in duration.

Event Date: Saturday 24th September  2016

Start Time: 1300hrs

Event Starts are available at Geelong, Brighton, Wyndham Harbour or Mornington - your choice.

Category: 5N+


Pick your start location and plan your own course to optimise your distanmce sailed.  Learn about night sailing and watchkeeping if you haven't sailed overnight before.

2. Latitude Ocean Race

Ocean Race of approximately eight hours in duration.

Race Date; Saturday 19th November  2016

Start Time: 0630hrs

Race Start is at Queenscliff at Slack Water, Port Phillip Heads

Category: 3


This race is designed to get skippers and crews out into the ocean for the first time.  Vessels go out the Heads to a designated "line" of latitude, which is specific to each boat and the prevailing weather conditions. They then return back through the Heads to the finish at Portsea Pier.

Typically, this race is followed the next day by:

3. Latitude Pursuit Race 

Bay Race of 30 nautical miles

Race Start is at 0900hrs AEDT, from Blairgowrie.

Category: 6


This is a pursuit, or progressive start, where the slower vessels get away first and then the faster boats have to chase them down over the course.

2018 Latitude Series – 24th and 25th November, 2018 The Latitude Series Notice of Race is now available HERE. The Latitude Series is the ORCV’s premier offshore training event for aspiring ocean racing skippers and crew, and seasoned campaigners alike, looking to hone their skills ahead of the traditional Melbourne to Hobart Westcoaster and Melbourne to Devonport races in December. Since its commencement in 2005 with 14 boats and more than 90 crew, the Latitude Series has seen more than 70 yachts and 400 crew, experience this unique racing challenge, with most of them experiencing the t [ ... ]


2016 ORCV LATITUDE WEEKEND This weekend’s weather is dominated by a broad high pressure system approaching the state during Saturday which will persist for the weekend until the next cold front moves in early next week. Winds at the start of the Latitude Ocean Race are forecast to be light (5-10knots) westerly, moving more southerly throughout the day which should make for an ideal day for new crews to experience the Heads and Bass Strait. Blairgowrie will be extending their usual hospitality to the crews with an all-you-can-eat BBQ on Saturday evening and egg-and-bacon rolls/coffee [ ... ]


2016 Take off to a Latitude The Latitude Ocean and Pursuit events on 19th and 20th November 2016. These events are open to all interested yachties venturing for a short race out the Heads and back to Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron for the celebration-bragging rights, tall tales… For events documents and online entry visit the Latitude Page.

2015MLS Paula story

Paula who sailied on Yoko in the Latituce Ocean Race tells us her story and some great hand drawn pictures After our midday shed we're asked to maintain a listening watch for an upcoming announcement and the news is our turning latitude is reduced by 3nm. The original bearing would have been another 1/2 hour but we can hear the Blairgowrie YS calling and we have been thumping into it since the start of the race. Our overnight trip down the bay last night had been a bit 'ordinary'* so the reduction in thumping time and possible resurrection of dozing  crew would make a welcome reprieve. W [ ... ]


2015 Latitude weather watch - Instalment 2
Sometimes I think I might as well be reading fish entrails instead of studying the computer weather models. Lets see what has and hasn’t changed in the last 24 hours.
What has changed -
Friday -
1. Not much sign of a sea breeze on Friday anymore. Those of you planning to head off early Friday morning in time for a daylight passage and dinner in Queenscliff will be motoring to begin with until a gentle breeze establishes itself from the west in the afternoon.
2. If you have a choice (and we should always have one) 8pm in the evening is not a good time g [ ... ]


2015 Latitude weather watch - Instalment 1, Getting to the start. Welcome to the ORCV’s latest service - "The Optimist’s Weather Watch”
As usual, warnings apply regarding the reliability of any attempt to read the weather. There is the usual BOM caveat of "Wind gusts may be up to 40% stronger, waves may be up to twice the height” In this case you can add “wind direction could be up to 30 degrees off the directions given here (in which case you can bet  it will be going forward not shifting to the beam)” Since the first job is getting to the start we’ll begin with a look at  [ ... ]


2015 New Perpetual Trophy dedicated for the Latitude Event Ian Mackenzie was an accomplished yachtsman, and owned and skippered the yacht Supertramp R1080, a Spencer 12.41 metre vessel. Throughout the 1990s, Ian developed a reputation for taking novice sailors to sea in Supertramp and giving them a taste of Bass Strait and the coastline of Tasmania. Ian was a regular participant in the Victoria offshore races and many sailors owe their start in offshore racing to Ian.
With the sudden passing of Ian last year, his widow Louise and some of his past crew members decided to create a memorial troph [ ... ]


2015 Latitude Race: Blairgowrie put out the new welcome mat. After the Latitude Ocean race on Saturday 21/11/15, ORCV boats and their crew will be hosted in the new Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron facilities. CATERING
Dinner and breakfast will be available on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Meals can be ordered from the Bar. On Saturday after racing, BYS will also have a cash BBQ with burgers, steak etc. for hungry yachties. BERTHING The Marina is currently undergoing major construction work so NO BOATS ARE TO ENTER PENS. These areas are not fully secured, so please respect this request fro [ ... ]


  Beyond The Bay Overnight Challenge Update   The weather map is driven by a high pressure system that will influence the weather on Saturday ahead of a trough that will increasingly impact the weather on Sunday. Winds at start time are forecast to be southerly at about 10 knots, moving easterly through the afternoon/evening and lightening by late evening. By early morning, winds are forecast for move more northerly and begin to freshen from the north reaching twenty knots by early morning.   The overall weather pattern will certainly challenge navigators an [ ... ]