Famous Mersey Yacht Club Hospitality

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It’s time again to join in the fun and experience the world famous Mersey Yacht Club hospitality. Commodore Mark Stephenson is supported by aIMG 2430sm fabulous team. Key players in the team are Vice Commodore Tony Jamieson and his wife Kerily.

Tony does everything from race planning, escort boat driver, odd jobs, taxi driver, entertainment manager and problem solver to cheerleader. Kerily makes sure all the catering is organised, the dining area set up, the helpers are there to cook and serve and a myriad other tasks. Both these wonderful people do everything with a smile on their face and great humour. Nothing is too much for them. They’re so keen to have us back they came up to Stanley to welcome our fleet there.

Just ask the crews of Simply Fun, A Cunning Plan and Christine who sheltered there after Stanley. They cannot speak highly enough of the hospitality they received. Tony ferried the guys up and back with Jerry Cans to refuel, using his own car. He was there at all times of day fixing little problems for them.

Tony and Mark have been working overtime since the flood to get things back on track for MYC. They have marina space for our fleet to berth right in front of the club. Entertainment has been arranged and good food organised. They will treat us to a great time but they need a big fleet to help them fundraise this year. So if you haven’t entered do it now. You will have a fabulous event, guaranteed.