The 2014 Summer ocean racing with start off as usual on Cup Weekend with a repeat of last year’s race to Portland. It was such a success last year with a strong level of participation and a great effort by Portland Yacht Club to really make the fleet very welcome on arrival. It is a qualifying race for the ORCV Christmas races, as well as that other ocean race that starts on Boxing Day somewhere up north! It’s only three months away and will be upon us before you know it so not too early to start thinking about preparing your boat which will include a fresh safety equipment audit of course (Category 2).

Christmas will see the traditional races to Hobart (East and West coast) but this year the shorter Bass Strait race will be to Devonport, hosted by the Mersey Yacht Club on the Mersey River. Tamar Yacht Club has been a great host in recent years and we look forward to returning there in the future but hopefully the change in venue will bring some fresh interest into this important race. It is a great opportunity to experience a Bass Strait crossing without having to go all the way to Hobart so is an excellent step up from our coastal races or even the race to King Island. It is a Category 2 race, so certainly not too early to start thinking about what needs to be done to be ready on time.